Online Star Registry

There are many places that claim to be a star registry. These of course are not official (governmental) entities. What is being sold by star registry is a unique and thoughtful gift for someone you appreciate. A star registry is simply a company who is selling you the opportunity to impress someone else with a gift they never thought possible.

When you order a star kit from Online Star Registry, you get a star kit gift package sent either to your home or directly to the person you are giving the gift to. Online Star Registry will even include a gift card to introduce the recipient to what they are receiving and who has sent it to them.

Online Star Registry will hold a copy of every star certificate sold in a special vault. This will ensure that your purchase is recorded and that the uniqueness of your purchase from Online Star Registry is maintained. No one else will be able to name the same star from Online Star Registry because your star and it's coordinates will be recorded and copyrighted when Online Star Registry prints its list of star names.

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