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Name a star for a loved one! Buy a unique gift for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day or for other special occasions.

One of the fastest-growing gift ideas in decades. A novel and easy way to give a gift to friends and family. Give them something they will remember for a lifetime.

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Name a Star as an Anniversary Gift

Every year you celebrate your love for each other by remembering the day you got married. As the years go on, it can get harder and harder to come up with creative ideas for surprising each other and commemorating your committment to each other. Online Star Registry has eliminated the worry and fuss around buying presents for these special occassions by providing the possibility of naming a star.

Buy a Star Kit from Online Star Registry and name a star for your spouse. You can even choose the Zodiac constellation where the star will be picked from in order to make the gift even more meaningful. Just think, every year when you celebrate that special day, you both can look into the sky together and watch your own star. You can even purchase a "Twin Star Kit" so that you can each have your own copies of the certificate, star map and book of stars.

Order now from only $89.00