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Name a star for a loved one! Buy a unique gift for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day or for other special occasions.

One of the fastest-growing gift ideas in decades. A novel and easy way to give a gift to friends and family. Give them something they will remember for a lifetime.

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Name a Star as a Christmas Gift

Almost everyone in the world has heard a version of the biblical story about the birth of Jesus and the wise men that followed the star from the East all the way to where they found him in Bethlehem. Did you ever wonder what star it was that they followed? Well, that won't help you find a great gift for your friends and family anyway, so let's just move on.

Name a star for your friends and family this year. They will be surprised and amazed at such a thoughtful and creative gift. This is a gift that will mean more and more to them as the years go on because the star never goes away, doesn't have an expiration date, and won't run down on batteries. Whenever they look up in the sky at night, they will remember that great gift they got from you - a star named just for them.

If you feel like getting a group of friends their own star names, then Online Star Registry will give you a "bulk purchase" discount. Have a look at our order page to see the options for the types of star naming options that are available.

Order now from only  $89.00