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Name a star

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Name a Star as a Father's Day Gift

Father's Day again? What should you do for him this year? Let's see ... last year it was a gift certificate for the pro shop at the golf course ... the year before it was a gift certificate for a meal at his favorite restaurant ... and so on and so on.

Surprise him this year. Give him something he doesn't expect, but can appreciate and enjoy for the rest of his life. Name a star for your Dad and give him the Star Kit from Online Star Registry as this year's Father's Day present. It will feel good knowing that you've given him something that doesn't have an expiration date or that requires driving around someplace to "cash it in."

When he sees his name on the certificate indicating the star that is named for him, he will surely understand that he is important to you. What better present could you give your Dad than that?

Order now from only  $89.00